Designing fonts

Here is an overview of the font-related posts I have on this blog. Most of them are about how to create your own fonts using Inkscape in combination with FontForge. My focus has been single line fonts suitable for digital plotters (cutters) and possibly machine embroidery, but most of it applies also for "standard" outline fonts. I hope for example to create more stencil fonts for my digital cutter. FontForge is fully capable and designed for the purpose of designing the fonts from scratch, but if you are familiar with Inkscape and need the functions available in Inkscape to design your font this is how you can do that most efficiently. 

Creating fonts:

Specific to single line fonts:
  • Some background info on single line fonts and the options that exists.
  • And how to use them (as they have to be reopened from the closed ttf format).
  • One possible use of an Inkscape extension to convert from double to single line font. Not very effective, but it might be useful for similar tasks going from scanned, traced, line drawings to single lined vectors.Here are some single line fonts that I've made with the Inkscape extensions above.

Specific to outline fonts:

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